Cheyenne Minaiture Australian Shepherd 17.5″ tall 40 pounds and loves to please and be at my side. Planning for a late fall litter.


Bridget Jones is my heart dog,  ASDR 14.25″ and 25 pounds.  I have had her bloodlines for 30 years. She is loyal and the best herding dog I have ever had. She has heart, brains, and beauty. I love this little dog for sure. I have kept several of her daughters. 

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Once in a Blue Moon Diva aka “Gigi” ASDR Toy Australian Shepherd standing at 11.5″ currently and I estimate her to finish growing at 12″.  Pure Aussie in tiny package. She is Bridget Jones Baby. Has ASDR level 1 title as puppy, will continue her show career as an adult in 2020. 

Arabella Grace ASDR currently 15″ tall and 20 pounds, up and coming girl. She is a cowgirl puppy and has the best personality and I could ask for.